Stricto Project is a team of qualified engineers. We are focused on bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure facilities.

It means architectural and structural design, design project management and bearing capacity analysis for existing structures.

We also do road design and consulting in soil mechanics.

Since 2011.

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  • We have been awarded by Estonian Road Administration as “The best in designing bridges 2016” and “The best in designing bridges 2019”
  • We have been trustworthy partner for state institutions and private companies for a decade.
  • We have vast experience with working in international teams and international projects.
  • We use modern workflows and software (Revit, Allplan, Civil 3D, Sofistik)
Our portfolio


Infrastructure design project management

Our main strength is to deliver projects scoped as the whole package. This means to effectively combine different areas of expertise allocated to achieve common goal. Different expertise is either from our team or close partners.

Architectural and technical design
of bridges and tunnels

Our focus is bridges and tunnels. We have experience in all design stages - from architectural concept to detailed technical design. We use modern software for analysis and 3D modelling as daily routine.

Design of roads, parks, urban streets

Every bridge or a tunnel links to the surrounding area by roads and landscape. We design that, too. If need, with the help of our close partners.

Design of different foundations,
retaining walls and consulting in geotechnics

Our expertise includes geotechnical design and analysis for temporary and permanent structures either as part of the bridge or as a stand-alone structure.

Field tests and computational analysis
of existing bridges (including bearing capacity)

We have experience in several projects in the field of testing and analysing the bearing capacity of an existing bridge. We can answer the question: „Is the bridge safe to surpass with given vehicle?“

Design and supervision of steel structures

Our specialists have the experience and international certificates (IWE, FROSIO Level II) for steel design and supervision.


Third bridge in Parnu, Estonia


Most outstanding bridge in Estonia with the length of 356 meters. Our role was design project management and master design for the whole project. In collaboration with GRUNER AG from Switzerland.

Award-winnig pedestrian junction in Tartu


Award-winning urban space in Tartu, Estonia. Our role was design project management and technical design in preliminary-, master and detailed technical design with help in creating data for construction.

Assaku viaduktid


One part of regional project of the century – Rail Baltica Our role is to do optimizing and detailised technical design

Design of foundations for Harku-Lihula-Sindi 330/110 kV power supply line, Estonia


Harku-Lihula-Sindi 330/110 kV power supply line has a length of 175km, reaching from Northern Estonia to almost Latvian border. Our role was to to the geotechnical and structural design of the foundations of the masts.

Ulejoe pedestrian bridge


Our role was to create an architectual concept for bridge and roads, to do preliminary- and master design. Everything was designed in 3D model from first sketches to final model.

Moniste bridge


Even though the bridge was designed in 2015, it was designed in 3D (including reinforcement).

Study of possible routes for overweight trucks in Estonia (including on site testing)


Study consisted of on site testing (load testing of 30 bridges in three different methods) and computational analysis based on excisting documantation and on site measurments. As a result, applicable guidelines were created.


Andreas Papp

CEO / Sales

MSc, 2013 (Tallinn University of Technology)
EQF level 7 in bridge and road design

+372 58 100 608

Ando Funk

Bridge Engineer / Project Manager

MSc, 2012 (Tallinn University of Technology)
EQF level 8 in bridge design

+372 53 474 811


Chief Engineer / Project Manager

MSc (cum laude), 2015 (Vienna University of Technology)
EQF level 7 in bridge design

+372 56 200 657


Project Manager in Detailed Technical Design

MSc, 2011 (Tallinn University of Technology)
EQF level 7 in construction of roads and bridges

+372 56 678 433

Tõnis Liigmann

Bridge Engineer / BIM Specialist

MSc, 2015 (Tallinn University of Technology)
EQF level 7 in bridge design

+372 53 469 156

Meelis Melnik

Junior bridge engineer / BIM Specialist
+372 56 842 250

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+372 58 100 608
Kadaka tee 4, Tallinn 10619, Estonia
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